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Healthcare Management Partners works with a wide scope of healthcare associations together with their investors, lawyers and counsels, utilizing our profound ability and specialized knowledge over the industry to rapidly analyse issues and provide the correct solutions by continuously offering patient-focused high-quality healthcare services in Washington, DC. We have involvement in healthcare providers in all parts of the healthcare industry (primary, acute, post-acute) and of all ownership types (not-for-profit, government-owned, for profit). We likewise work for litigations, financial advisory, benchmarking, bank groups, private value firms, loan specialists and county boards of Washington, DC.


As the healthcare field keeps on escalating in unpredictability and gravity, so do its difficulties. Healthcare Management Partners playing a major role in maintaining high-quality healthcare benefits in quickly changing networks across Washington DC.


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Site Director: Scott Philliplocation
Office: (615) 601-2019
11875 Connecticut Avenue NW 10th Floor,
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