Daniel Evans

Daniel Evans


Daniel is a seasoned information technology expert with over 25 years of dedicated experience. He excels in the areas of data warehousing, business intelligence, data mining, analytics, and reporting. At Healthcare Management Partners, he uses his comprehensive capabilities to focus on the delivery of successful technology solutions.

Prior to HMP, Daniel gained experience architecting systems for major corporations such as Johnson & Johnson and Raymond James. He has built solutions used by large hospital systems such as Catholic Health, Providence Health, and Carolinas HealthCare System.

Daniel also accrued substantial experience working with The SSI Group, Inc. As a Principle Architect for SSI, Daniel provided revenue cycle management solutions and analytics. He also developed systems focusing on Cost Reports, Denial Management, Claims Processing Management, and Payer Reimbursements.

An avid enthusiast that loves all things in the world of tech, Daniel is a Computer Science graduate from The University of Southern Mississippi.

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