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“A $250+ million revenue elder care provider was in technical default on its loan covenants. After critical failure installing a new electronic medical record led to cash crisis and bad debt piling up, Chapter 11 bankruptcy was under serious consideration. We, as a lender, knew it would take exceptional skill and experience to turnaround the operation.

When Healthcare Management Partners (HMP) was brought in the organization only had 8 days' cash on hand. What happened next is a testament to HMP's best-in-class turnaround capabilities. Acting as the c-suite, they quickly diagnosed areas for billing to improve and prioritize processes and procedures. They implemented efficiencies which lead to a significant reduction in costs. They fixed HR, EMR, procurement, and the culture.

The results were staggering. Just a little over a year later, the organization jumped from 8 days' cash on hand to 75 days and all financial covenants returned to compliance within 6 months of appointment. Ultimately, the affected loan was refinanced with new lenders on more favorable terms than the original loan. Our collaboration with HMP not only protected the asset and investment, but set it up for long-term service and success.”

- Healthcare Lender

“As a Senior Care organization counted on by thousands of families, growth without adaptation, fragmented systems, and inefficient operations had put the organization in critical financial position. The Board of Trustees understood proven outside counsel with real world C-suite experience was imperative. We needed someone to bring a fresh perspective and deliver a plan for long-term stability. Luckily, the Board engaged Healthcare Management Partners.

HMP first succeeded by listening to those within the governing structure and strategic external partners. They did not come in with preconceived notions of what the restructuring plan needed to be. After implementing their customized approach, HMP had improved EBIDA and days of cash on hand, as well as facilitated the acquisition and renovation of a new community into the organization – setting up our organization for long-term success and ensuring we will continue to deliver for the communities we serve. All throughout the process HMP was transparent, communicative and effective which instilled confidence in their efforts and helped ensure success.”

- Chairman of the Board, Large Faith-based Senior Care organization

The HMP team has led large organizations of all kinds across the continuum of care: from specialty, academic, and general acute care to post-acute, long-term care, and general practice. We understand the healthcare delivery system, and our extensive experience positions us well to grapple with and resolve all manner of issues. To download our full Statement of Qualifications, click here.

Below is a list of our case studies sorted by sector; for convenience, the menu to the left also lists these studies by service type.

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