Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) property types often feature senior living facilities, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities, which are areas HMP has accumulated decades of C-suite experience successfully managing. As such, we have become a preferred partner for REITs looking for an operations and analysis partner to ensure their holdings are being managed to their fullest potential.

In this space, HMP is a one-stop-shop for REITs seeking results. We are often turned to for:

  • Asset management including site visits, survey audits, and operator financial and benchmark monitoring
  • Strategic analysis, quarterly reports, and recommendations for healthcare portfolio properties
  • Built-in expertise for turnaround of underperforming properties
  • Financial support, statements, and analysis including collection of rent, escrow, and reserve payments and monthly reporting

Of particular interest, HUD often requires qualification as an “experienced company” to work on REIT projects. HMP meets the needs of this qualification and has been approved when necessary. During this period, this also calls for the tracking and implementation of HUD and regulatory compliance – which are requirements we understand well and are capable of managing independently.

In all, our suite of offerings to REITs are comprehensive. This means that REITs can focus on the investment management they know best, while having the piece-of-mind that their health care facilities are being run at full efficiency by a leading, experienced executive talent provided by HMP.

A comprehensive list of what we’ve done for REITs includes:

  • Lease and loan covenant tracking (including lease and loan coverage ratios, financial covenants, real estate tax payments and insurance renewals)
  • Monitor facility operations and operator performance
  • Financial statement collection, review and analysis (including assessment of census data, staffing, operating expenses, etc.)
  • Quarterly portfolio reviews with operators
  • Bi-annual site inspections (including physical asset assessment & clinical reviews: quality of care, processes / services, staffing and cost)
  • Annual budget / business plan review
  • Monitor legislative and market trends that are impactful to the portfolio
  • Act as advisor in the event of required lease modifications or operator replacement
  • Maintain ticker of regulatory reporting information / deadlines
  • Monitor HUD Regulatory Agreement compliance for both Borrowers and Operators
  • Monitor timing and outcomes of regulatory surveys / inspections and management POC’s
  • Track licensing
  • Property company accounting
  • Audit coordination
  • Treasury management
  • Property tax, insurance and reserve administration

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to know more about HMP.