Our professionals offer a hands-on approach to collecting and analyzing information found in large databases, and we leverage our findings to create comprehensive reports used in investigations and litigation. This is imperative as most business transactions are now completely electronic.

Our experts have worked with database formats such as Oracle, SQL Server, and Informix, among others, as well as most major hospital information systems. We focus on helping clients uncover essential electronic information to help solve complex problems.

In addition, we license and are experts in the analysis of data contained in the Healthcare Cost Report Information System (HCRIS), Medicare Provider Analysis and Review (MEDPAR) federal databases, and state Medicaid and patient billing databases; we use these analyses to determine competitive cost structures and market share and to prepare reports related to allegations of fraud, abuse, or other corporate compliance issues.

Our Data Mining and Data Analysis services include:

  • Identification of Key Financial Systems
  • Preservation and Extraction of Financial Databases
  • Damages Calculations
  • Analysis of Financial Databases
  • Presentation through Reports and Graphs