HMP provides support to creditor groups with interests in healthcare provider organizations engaged in complex restructuring, bankruptcy, and distressed situations. Our services enable lender groups, bondholders, trade creditors, investors, and others to quickly and accurately evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with a provider’s business plan. Our efforts are designed to help all of the parties make informed business judgments that will maximize overall recoveries.

  • Our creditor advisory services include:
  • Review of short-term cash flow projections
  • Analysis of cash conservation efforts and procedures
  • Analysis of business plans, including risks and opportunities
  • Valuation of collateral packages on both an ongoing or liquidation basis
  • Assistance in negotiation of amendment and forbearance agreements
  • Review and assessment of restructuring alternatives
  • Performance monitoring following business plan implementation

We have an extensive list of case studies that describe our approach and results.
Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to know more about HMP.