Healthcare Management Partners, LLC (HMP), a leading turnaround and consulting firm specializing in healthcare, has opened a new office in Atlanta, GA office led by Derek Pierce, HMP Managing Director. Pierce has relocated from HMP’s Birmingham, AL office. From Atlanta, he will continue to support the firm’s clients across the U.S. while further building out the firm’s partnerships within the large Southern city which has significant banking, finance and healthcare industries. Pierce has previously worked in Georgia executing receiverships, an HMP specialty, which is an appointment granted to oversee financially troubled businesses, for purposes of restructuring or selling the business.

“I’m pleased to expand Healthcare Management Partners to Atlanta, a strategically located, booming city that will play an important role in the future of healthcare,” said Pierce. “Our firm is growing as America’s shifting healthcare landscape continues to require significant strategic support to navigate, and I’m pleased to expand our reach to meet client needs from Atlanta.”


Derek Pierce, Managing Director at Healthcare Management Partners (HMP), spoke at the Turnaround Management Association of Tennessee’s lunch meeting at the headquarters of the Waller law firm in Nashville on March 21st. The topic was “Perspectives on the Current State of the Healthcare Industry.” Pierce’s conversation began with an update on MedPAC and its recent recommendations on Medicare payment policy to Congress, specifically what entities should be affected by positive, neutral or negative payment changes. His other overarching themes included the decline of independent hospitals and the closing of rural hospitals mostly centered around the Southeast. He also discussed the trends in the nursing home sector with the good (Medicare margin above 10%) and the bad (States’ trends towards Medicaid Managed Long-Term Care Program, more denials and complex billing, fewer admissions). HMP is readily available for speaking opportunities on a number of trendsetting healthcare industry turnaround and bankruptcy issues.


Nashville-based Healthcare Management Partners (HMP) has joined The Nashville Health Care Council, a premier association of health care industry leaders working together to inspire global collaboration to improve health care by serving as a catalyst for leadership and innovation. In joining the Council, HMP is proud to take an active role Nashville’s health care community which is recognized as a one-of-a-kind center for innovation and home to a dynamic ecosystem of more than 500 health care companies. Nashville’s health care companies generate more than $92 billion in annual revenue and more than 570,000 jobs. The city’s entrepreneurs have received more than $1.6 billion in venture capital investments over the last 10 years, largely in health care. For more information visit:


Healthcare Management Partners (HMP), acting as the court-appointed receiver, has closed the sale of substantially all assets pertaining to two Alabama-based senior care facilities (Cullman ALF Group, LLC and Decatur ALF Group, LLC) which were placed in receivership in January of 2018, by the United States District Court for the District of Northern Alabama after actions taken by the indenture trustees. HMP decided to utilize a stalking horse auction, an approach they have become experienced at executing successfully to the benefit of stakeholders, to maximize returns on the sale of the two facilities. HMP team members involved in the work included Derek Pierce, Lauren Douglas, Tyler Brasher, Anthony Jordan, and Ward Tishler. Read the full article at ABL Advisor.


Healthcare Management Partners, LLC (HMP), a leading turnaround and consulting firm specializing in supporting healthcare organizations facing financial challenges, has announced the promotion of four key professionals at the company’s Nashville-based headquarters. The promotions are Tyler Brasher as Director, Lauren Douglas as Director, Anthony Jordan as Senior Associate, and Ward Tishler as Senior Associate. “Tyler, Lauren, Anthony and Ward all play imperative roles in helping us to provide our services across our national footprint,” said Derek Pierce, managing director at HMP. “We’re excited to recognize them for their good work and look forward to their increasing roles within our firm as we work to help healthcare organizations expertly manage increasing industry challenges.”


HMP Managing Director Ronald Winters has been published by the prestigious American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) Journal. The American Bankruptcy Institute is a multi-disciplinary, nonpartisan organization devoted to bankruptcy issues. ABI has more than 12,000 members, representing all facets of the insolvency field. Winter’s article addressing inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs) and their vulnerability to financial distress can be found in ABI Journal, Vol. XXXVII, No. 12, December 2018. The article was supported by Modern Healthcare Metrics and HMP Director Daniel Evans. To read an online copy, take the following link:

HMP Adds Claire Roebuck as Senior Associate

Healthcare Management Partners, LLC (HMP), a leading turnaround and consulting firm specializing in supporting healthcare organizations facing financial challenges, has announced the addition of Claire Roebuck as Senior Associate. Said Derek Pierce, managing director at HMP, “Claire has garnered high-level executive experience working within large hospital systems throughout the Southeast. Her skillset will immediately aid clients seeking financial and operational improvements to facilitate a turnaround. We are excited to welcome her to the team.”

Roebuck has over six years of healthcare management experience, specializing in healthcare strategy and planning, business analysis, and health system operations. See her full bio here.

Scott Phillips Relocates to Washington, D.C., Opening New HMP Office

Phillips is relocated from Philadelphia, P.A. to D.C. effective September 1st. From there he will continue to serve HMP clients across the nation. “As healthcare faces increasing challenges, we thought it would be strategically important to maintain a presence in our Nation’s capitol, which has an ever important role in deciding the industry’s future,” said Phillips, Managing Director and founder of HMP. “From D.C. I’ll keep a close eye on the policy that will impact healthcare organizations, while continuing to serve clients across the U.S.”

HMP Launches Modern Healthcare Metrics

Modern Healthcare Metrics, a joint venture leveraging the strength and integrity of Modern Healthcare and Healthcare Management Partners (HMP), has launched. Modern Healthcare Metrics is a proprietary subscription service that delivers insight into the financial and strategic position of healthcare facilities into the hands of anyone who needs to think analytically about investment in the delivery of care. Modern Healthcare Metrics will fundamentally change the way business is done in the industry by enhancing healthcare executives with the ability to make more informed, evidence-based decisions. See the full announcement release by clicking this link.

Managing Director Ronald Winters Weighs In On Upcoming CMS Changes

HMP Managing Director Ron Winters was proud to present at iiBIG in Nashville at its 11th Annual “Investment and M&A Opportunities in HEALTHCARE.” Winters took part in the “Distressed & Turnaround Opportunities in Healthcare Roundtable” where he focused his remarks on selected areas of CMS reimbursement focus. To an audience of leading healthcare entrepreneurs, investors and deal-makers, he outlined case-by-case CMS’s upcoming changes to reimbursement in ambulatory surgical centers, post-acute settings, and “low value” physician care. Look for Winters’ findings from this conference to be shared in more depth soon.