Collaboration by HMP and Pathway Health

HMP and Pathway Health recently collaborated on a turnaround of a 2-SNF system with significant compliance issues (one of the
facilities was on CMS’ special focus list). One of the facilities was on the federal governments special focus list and facing potential
closure. Special focus buildings are considered the poorest performing facilities in the nation.


  • One facility was named on CMS’ special focus list. The special focus list includes facilities which are considered the poorest
    performing facilities in the nation.
  • The facility was facing potential closure.
  •  The second facility had been issued an Immediate Jeopardy (“IJ”) by the state.
  • The residents at the second facility were considered at risk for serious harm or death because of a comprehensive break
    down in infection control that had led to an actual outbreak of disease.
  • Government trust for the ownership group had been deteriorated after years of negative outcomes.


  • Assessed root cause
  • Developed action plan
  • Trained and mentored front line staff and leadership
  • Developed and implemented systems for obtaining sustainable quality
  • Implemented systems to audit and monitor progress
  • Worked closely with government officials to create confidence and maintain open lines of communication


  • Facility on special focus list avoided closure.
  • Facility was brought into full compliance and graduated off the special focus list
  • The facility with the IJ was brought back to full compliance
  • Trust for the ownership group was restored
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