Healthcare Management Partners, LLC (“HMP”) is a turnaround and consulting firm that specializes in assisting healthcare organizations experiencing current, or anticipated financial challenges navigate their way to positive outcomes. Led by highly experienced, C-level healthcare operators, HMP has a unique ability to not only quickly define and solve problems, but also lead the delivery of the right solutions. In doing so, we produce exceptional results for our clients and their stakeholders.

Our executives have led large organizations of all kinds across the continuum of care: from specialty, academic, and general acute care to post-acute, behavioral, long-term care, general practice and labs. We understand the healthcare delivery system, and our extensive experience positions us well to grapple with and resolve all types of issues.

As the healthcare field continues to escalate in complexity and gravity, so do its challenges. Having access to the right expertise to navigate the rapidly changing healthcare market is critical to maintaining high-quality healthcare services in communities across the nation. HMP provides significant expertise, and in addition, we have an extensive network of professionals that we can call on to ensure the right solution is delivered in a timely manner.

HMP’s core services include turnaround management (CEO, CFO, COO, Chief Restructuring Officer etc.), financial advisory, and litigation support (expert testimony). We also provide data analysis & benchmarking tools utilizing a proprietary product, HMP MetricsTM.

We have an extensive list of clients, and are often engaged by hospitals and other healthcare organizations, their creditors, investors, lenders, legal advisors and business partners.

Our work has helped dozens of healthcare organizations of all kinds and sizes to survive, recover, grow, and thrive in their communities—all the while contributing to the provision of high-quality healthcare.  To review a sample of case studies, click here.

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Our approach to every assignment is built upon the straightforward application of three simple guiding principles:

  • Listen – We listen carefully and continuously to our clients, their key stakeholders, and the marketplace throughout each assignment;
  • Evaluate – We employ comprehensive, fact-based analysis to evaluate and validate assumptions, findings, and recommended actions;
  • Implement –We take decisive action to quickly and effectively implement strategies to eliminate problems and convert opportunities.

To review case studies that describe our proven methodology, click here.




  • Led by C-level healthcare operators who also have a “consulting” skill-set; we have a bias toward action and “getting it done”
  • A hand-picked, highly experienced team that can quickly pinpoint problem areas
  • Absolute integrity of our fact-based approach and commitment to the “right” solution for patient-centered, high quality care
  • Excellent communicators who can bring competing stakeholders toward a consensus solution
  • Proven ability to drive positive outcomes in all sectors of healthcare
  • Availability of HMP’s extensive network, providing access to key resources and people
  • Commitment to the highest professional standards
  • Small, dedicated teams for each project

Please contact us if you have any questions, or would like to know more about HMP.